Thursday, June 23, 2011

Howdy Cowpoke~

~Hi there.. one more this evening I just got done making.. this is for my co-worker's horse trainer.. not much out there in the sense of horse stuff, so I found a red bandana and tied it around a metal container that I thought resembled a horse or farm feeder, I don't know, I am a city girl, hahaha, anyway, I hope she likes this and they can even use the bandana after their cake pops are eaten up! Have a great night.. see you soon. Cupcakes and more cake pops next week, so more pics soon!! Nicole


~Good Evening! I wanted to share this fun patriotic basket with you that someone asked me to make for her co-worker's U.S. citizenship party. They wanted to surprise him with this cake pop filled basket filled with red, white and blue decorated pops! Half of them are red velvet and the other half in chocolate! There are 150 displayed here, enough to share with all of his co-workers and probably some extras too share with friends and family too! I had fun creating this basket. It reminded me of upcoming Fourth of July holiday. Thanks for stopping by.. have a great night! Nicole

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cheesecake on a Stick!

~Hi there! So, I thought after making 200 cake pops this weekend for someone, I still kept thinking about trying a new recipe.. I already had my chocolate out and melted, so I thought what the heck.. so, I grabbed a cheesecake I had bought recently and my mini cookie scooper and removed small pieces of the cheesecake that I then formed into balls. I rolled them in graham cracker crumbs and then dipped them in milk chocolate, and covered half of them in chocolate sprinkles and the other half in oreo crumbs! I will post a picture of them soon, but I had to show you the inside of these new little masterpieces. I love cheesecake, so these are perfectly yummy. I kind of feel like I am cheating on my cake pops since they are my tried and true desserts on a stick, but why not, right?? Give them a try..they are super easy to make! Have a great Sunday...Nicole

Friday, June 10, 2011

Introducing....... LEMON!!!!

~Yay!! Thank you to a special guy I met today that ordered these pops for his friend! How sweet, huh!! Well, he said she loved lemon, and asked if I could make cake pops in lemon flavor and I said, hmmm, I will sure try! My first attempt a few months ago left me with cake pops that resembled cornbread! Cornbread yummy, cornbread cake pops, not so yummy! So, I didn't try them again until now and yay, success! I was so happy with the way they tasted, perfectly lemon-y and moist! So, I am now loving the lemon and think I have a new favorite!! These are summery and sweet and I hope his friend enjoys.. I got a sweet text from him tonight saying he couldn't resist, and snuck one from the box and he thought the lemon flavor was great! So, I am happy now... just had to share with you... Thank you for your inspiration!! Have a great night! Nicole

Pre-Fourth of July~

~Hi there.. I was making some samples the other night for the 4th of July holiday soon, and I thought I would share them with my friend and sista Lori at work today.. These are not only 4th of July decorated cake pops, they are special inside.. she was the only other person besides myself that has tried these.. I will explain in the next post! Anyway, I just made a few to share but I plan on taking orders for these in any flavor for the holiday.. If you have an upcoming party planned or just want to sample a few for yourself, let me know! I used a small planter to hold these cute little patriotic pops! See you soon.. Nicole

Party Girl!

~Good Evening!! Can you tell who these cake pops are made for???.. a little princess for her birthday of course! These red velvet cake pops are covered with white chocolate and sprinkled with hot pink sugar crystals. I love how bright and pretty these turned out. I sure hope she enjoys sharing these pops with all of her birthday friends. Well, back to making more cake pops this weekend! Enjoy your evening and the weekend friends! Come back soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't forget about the cupcakes~

Hi there ~So, with all of the yumminess of the cake pops, I wanted to also post a picture of a cupcake tree that I designed for a co-workers baby shower. They are chocolate cake with tasty cream cheese frosting, adorned with handmade individual fondant daisies with pink centers and sprinkled with white non-pareils. They are all set in vellum cupcake wrappers. Thanks for taking a look. Have a great day! Note: To view any of the photos closer for detail, please double click on the photo to enlarge the picture. Thanks again!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Wanna See Inside~

~Hi there! If you have never had a cake pop and want to know what it looks like on the inside, here is an inside look at a yummy red velvet cake pop covered in white chocolate. I would say these are about four or five little bites of heaven!! If you haven't tried one, I think it's time!! Enjoy the day!!


Bring on the Banfield Colors~

~Good Afternoon! I wanted to post these latest cake pops I made for Banfield Pet Hospital this weekend. These are in their company colors of turquoise and orange. This is what 100 cake pops looks like!! Half of them are in red velvet dipped in white chocolate and the other half in chocolate fudge, covered in milk chocolate, yummy!! I loved these gorgeous colors together. They were so bright and pretty when I put them all together! Enjoy your day..

First Pixie Cakes Post~

~Hi there! I have several pictures to post to this new blog, but I thought I would start off with by birthday celebration cake pops I made for my very good friend Becky for her birthday! These are chocolate covered in white chocolate with rainbow nonpareils. It just looks happy to me, so what better to give for a birthday right?? I will try to post all of my creations and hope you come back soon.. If you would like to order, please email me at Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day..