Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Princess Party Pops~

~These were the latest sweet treat order I made this weekend. This order was for hot pink pops with purple sprinkles, so here they are.. They are very bright and cheery and I hope she enjoys her birthday pops. I enjoyed making these with bright pink chocolate for a change!!! Thanks for looking..


Birthday Pops a Plenty~

~Hello again... here is another bucket of birthday pops made for a co-worker's girlfriend. He is so sweet. He is delivering them and a couple of dozen cookies he also ordered to her work so she can share with her co-workers on her special day! Enjoy the evening!!


Block Party Pops~

~Hi there.. My friend at work ordered these cake pops for a block party he was having on his street a couple of weekends ago.. I apologize for the delay in this post. I thought the colors resembled a summer carnival!! These were fun to put together for his neighborhood party! Thanks for looking!!